Boarding Fee

We now offer boarding services.  We charge $30 per day holding fee to hold your dog past the ready scheduled date of delivery.  We can no longer hold puppies for any reason, past the scheduled ready date without charging this fee.  We would love to do this for our clients however we like to keep our numbers down and like to have enough time between our family and our pets.  Supplies also deplete quickly when your holding on to babies.  This increases the expenses as well.  Please understand as this time and careful dedication quickly adds up when your already caring for your own babies. We take very seriously the care of each individual pet spending countless hours,  grooming,  playing,  sanitizeing and making sure that we provide the best atmosphere for each baby.  This all takes time and juggling a family and our own furry babies is already scheduled so carefully.  Also if you request a kennel fee from us please understand that the 2 week interval pictures will stop as our mode of engagement is now kenneling, housing and grooming your dog. You will receive your next pictures before delivery when the bath for delivery is complete.   

Thank you for your understanding.

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