Quality does come with a price!  

Pricing: Note: Our pups are sold to pet owners ONLY  We typically register our babies with CKC with 3 generation pedigree behind this feature requires an additional $500 for the CKC registration with pedigree behind.  

Our Pricing structure below includes spay/nueter agreement

Our Bred Maltese & Yorkie Pricing is as follows:
Female Maltese & Yorkie Standard Size : $5500-$8000
Teacup Female Maltese & Yorkie $8000-$15,000
Male Maltese & Yorkie Standard Size $3500-$6500

 Teacup Male Maltese & Yorkies: $6500-$7500         

Retired breeders $2500-$3500

Sales Tax is 7% for Residents of Florida - not included in the price of the pet

CKC papers with 4 generation pedigree behind them - $500 additional on our home bred pups with agreement to spay or neuter 

Please be ok with our pricing sturcture BEFORE contacting us.  We do NOT have  cheaper dogs.

Exquisite World Class Maltese and Yorkie Puppies