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Specializing in Tiny Korean Lineage Babydoll Maltese and Yorkie Puppies.  Our breeding program is underway! True integrity and up most ethics is how many of our clients describe us!  Hobby Breeder/breeder representative (consists of only selling to pet owners!). We pride ourselves on believing that what goes around comes around in life. We are experienced breeders with 2 decades experience in breeding.  We have the know how and the experience to help guide you with our knowledge and expertise in tiny puppy ownership!  We are 100% committed to quality, health and customer care!!  We take pride in making you see and experience the ease and enjoyment of dealing with someone that operates with true integrity! We try our very best to go ABOVE AND BEYOND your expectations and do our very best to make our clients happy!  We are not after a quick dollar here,  but we are after a REPUTATION of greatness and first and foremost toward finding the very best homes for our babies!  We want to place them in the correct fitted homes and will not just hand them over to anyone for the mighty dollar...as that will take a backseat in this quest for the perfect home!  Once we have a confirmed xray of number of puppies on a particular breeding,  we will take deposits for puppies in that litter.
Exquisite dog ownership in Babydoll Maltese and Yorkie Puppies.
We are committed to bringing you the ultimate experience in luxurious teacup puppy ownership.  Our exquisite lines stem from a WORLD class South Korean Tiny Puppy Breeder We are also delving in European and Korean Yorkie Lineage. We are NOW offering his lines bred right here in the USA. Why are our dogs more expensive than the average toy dog?  Well, most of the tiny puppies bred out there can not compare to the expression, the extreme baby doll faces, and the overall look of the baby.  We challenge you to compare to other puppies and put our babies faces against their puppies in picture and videos   You will see that our puppies are worth their price!  Their puppies have much longer muzzles, far too large black noses,  they have simply lost the "cute" factor of the toy breed.   We are after a prestigious celebrity quality look,  with health and temperment included.   It is totally up to you to decide what you are looking for.   This is what motivated us to find  one of a kind, celebrity quality, tiny, HEALTHY,  top quality dogs .    We simply can not accept what so many (not all - but many) breeders are trying to promote as a cute toy dog.  We are sorry,  but we can't see the cute factor,  so we decided to do something about it.   We have combined forces with some of the highest standards of the breed with health, temperment and appearance all in one TINY bundle of LOVE!     We will never allow our babies to leave our business address until they are at least 12 weeks old,  certain tinies require much longer of time before they are allowed to go to their new home.  We are experienced breeders and understand that these babies need extra time before we just send them on their way.  We will biweekly provide you with a updated photo of your baby so that you may start a baby book!  Our goals are to become second to none in quality, type and health.  We want to assure you that once you purchase your baby from Tatortot Pup,  you will be back for more.  We are sure of that!
We can't promise you that we will never receive any complaints, as there is bound to be someone at one point,  that we will not be able to make happy.  However,  we do promise to stay true to our contract and promise you that we will send you a very healthy,  happy dog,  or the dog won't leave our facility.  These dogs are very tiny  and must be handled with the utmost experience and care.  Because of this, we are bound to experience at one point or another getting these dogs into the wrong hands.   We can promise that we will use the utmost professional and ethical character in our treatment of each and every one of our clients.
We encourage our owners to meet us at our business location to pick up their baby.   However,  we understand that this is not always possible for our customers to come to us.  In these certain situations,  we will work with our clients to work with their particular situation to have their puppy delivered to them.
Please direct all of your questions to tatortotpup@aol.com and we will be sure to satisfy all of your curiosity.  We prefer email as our PRIMARY method of contact as we are VERY busy with our doggies,  family,  household.  We respond to emails daily in the morning time due to our schedule being very tight.  If you must call, call us with serious inquiries on our babies,  no solicitation calls or other calls unless relating to finding wonderful homes for our babies will be accepted,  please no time wasters or individuals just seeking information from us - these calls will NOT be accepted.
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Exquisite World Class Maltese and Yorkie Puppies