There is a absolute NO REFUND POLICY with  our company.

The first $1000 plus paypal fee  can be made by Paypal with a 10% finance processing fee.  The remaining balance must be made by direct deposit or wire to our BANK of AMERICA Account within 24 hours of initial deposit.  This does not require an additional fee.  Turn around time is 2 weeks generally speaking once contract and required signed documents are sent back to us and funds have CLEARED our corporate Bank account.

Each puppy will be taken to the vet by us to get their Flight Health Certificate. 
For deposits on our puppies or full payment made,   we DO NOT refund monies paid to us for any reason for dogs.  Any minor nuisances,  or if your puppy becomes sick prior to shipment and has to wait a week or two before delivery or changes of heart WILL NOT QUALIFY FOR REFUNDS!   NO EXCEPTIONS and do not ask this of us! We advise our buyers to be sure of the puppy before money is paid as it is non- refundable for ANY REASON!  If you have reserved a puppy with us and would like to change to a different puppy,  this is not acceptable. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS.
After final payment has been made, the puppy will be delivered on average 2 weeks from that date depending if we feel that the puppy is ready to make the trip to his new home. We RESERVE the right to hold a puppy for longer than estimated delivery date if we feel the puppy is not ready to go and cancellation will NOT be accepted. 
We have the right arrange a delivery time when convenient for us and will give you if available, a few options.   it is your  responsibility to make arrangements to pick up your puppy from our scheduled meeting place. Also, delivery can be delayed for any reason because of temperatures. Delivery Fee in not included in price of puppy. This fee is based upon location. We also will personally fly your puppy in cabin to meet you at your airport (fee for this varies depending on flight rates).  Please NOTE we are not responsible for any delays during this process as airlines have their own schedules and delays.  
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