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This puppy will be sold with a Health Certificate and utd vaccines given from a 45 years of experience, micro teacup specialist veterinarian to ensure the health of your pet at delivery. We require that you follow his guidelines as far as any notes on the health certificate for this warranty to be vailid. This puppy is guaranteed for its first year of life against severe, untreatable life threatening congenital/hereditary: heart, liver and lung defects only. Buyer understands the nature of tiny dogs to be of risk. This risk can be minimized if our guidelines found in our tiny care video are followed in its entirety. Also buyer agrees to only have this pup be treated by a veterinarian that understands about: reduced vaccine dosing for tinies,  teeth in tiny micros are not a tell tale of age in tinies as they take longer to come in than regular toy sized dogs and many times the second row need to be pulled out as a adult, non aggressive to minimal "testing" at best (only if absolutely necessary) this includes blood testing limited to max amount is 1cc at a given day anything more will void this warranty, 100% gas sedation if needed (never during a hypoglycemic attack - this will void warranty if done), more gentle medications with smaller doses, various degrees of luxating patellas being a normal occurance in tinies especially the micro tinies and should not be over emphasized to the point of stress on a buyer, most all tinies have soft spots on their heads that will usually close by age 1 (due care is needed on buyers part to protect this from injury), these things the properly fitted veterinarian should be aware of as normal occurances with tinies and understand not to stress or cause worry on buyer over these things in order to prolong the life of a tiny. Any accused untreatable life threatening defects (heart - liver- lung) during first year of life mentioned above, must be filled out in full report by the buyers veterinarian with evidence and proof. This report must be sent to our practicing veterinarian for his confirmation and agreement before any decisions will be made as many times, tinies levels vary from that of toy sized dogs and need only be interpreted by a veterinarian that understands the difference. His agreement as a specialist micros veterinarian is needed or no replacement will be considered. The puppy must still be sent back to us before buyer will be considered to be placed on the replacement list. Buyer understands that this replacement request will take time,  and wait period only begins after the prior puppy has been sent back to us safely. Buyer can not guarantee sex or size on a offered replacment puppy only breed type unless buyer agrees on a alternate offered breed if seller has offerred. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs on the return of the puppy and the replacement puppy. In the event of death an autopsy is required to be completed through UC Davis Animal Diagnostics in California, USA (only acceptable laboratory for our necropsy purposes no matter where buyer resides) and the full necropsy report must be sent to Dr Huber in Bradenton, Florida for his final determination of the cause of death. If this particular autopsy described in detail above is not performed for whatever reason or is deemed inconclusive by our practicing vets interpretation, the guarantee is null and void and no puppy replaceement will be considered. This guarantee does not include hernias, proper bite alignment, testicle descending, internal parasites including but not limited to Coccidia or Giardia, non ability to reproduce as our puppies are guaranteed and sold as pets, we explicitly do not cover hypoglycemia or death because of hypoglycemia. Prolonged or repeated hypoglycemic attacks in toy breed puppies can cause brain damage which we explicitly do not cover.  We do not guarantee against roached backs as we are not offering any breeder or show prospect guarantees as our dogs are sold strictly as pets. These are considered a structure fault only. Not part of our guarantee. We do not cover  tracheal collapse, nor injuries due to a open fontanel as most all tinies have them during their first year of life and it is up to the buyer to practice due care. We also do not guarantee against luxating patellas as there are far too many reasons that may cause this, many times injury and unfortunately the smaller the dog is,  the more likely they are to have luxating patellas - VERY common in small dogs. This guarantee does not cover any aestetic changes of any kind with this puppy at any time during the warranty period.  If it is not a life threatening - heart, liver, lungs, genetic/hereditary issue, it is not part of this guarantee. The guarantee does not cover adverse reactions to vaccines and is voided if a full vaccine is administered any time during the first year of life (the warranty period) under this warranty as tinies require less than a full dose of vaccine per administration (any claims will be required to have a signed statement from the buyers practicing vet that administered the vaccines that a full vaccine was NEVER administered), nor does our warranty cover medications reactions, or any complications resulting from surgery or overdosing by vets as tinies require much less medication and vaccines and should only be handled by veterinarians that understand about tinies and dosing requirements.  Also, any intravenous sedation during the first year of life will nullify this warranty as tinies should only be sedated through gas sedation (Again any claim will be investigated by seller to ensure that puppy has never received intravenous sedation). No warranty will be given if the puppy is euthanized without our consent.  All sales are final.  Tatortot Pup can only estimate adult weight and color of said puppy as an adult.  For that reason no guarantee is made for the weight, aesthetic changes of any kind, structure (size) changes nor possible color changes of said puppy when they reach maturity.  Buyer fully agrees and understands that this purchase is a lifetime commitment and Tatortotpup does not take this puppy back once sold for any reason other than that discussed above in the terms of this contract, if buyer is not happy for any reason, the responsibility to find the puppy a new home lies on completely and utterly on the buyer. This warranty constitutes the complete warranty between Tatortot Pup and __________________________________________and no other representations or promises apply either stated or implied. This contract is non-transferable if the dog is transferred to a new owner If a dog is sold that is over one year of age,  Tatortotpup sells the dog with required vaccines and a Veterinarian Signed Health certificate.  No other warranties are given other than the dog is healthy at the time of sale.  We do not offer any other warranties on a dog over a year of age as any and all warranties given are voided one year from the birthdate listed on the health certificate provided. It is also understood that Tatortot Pup is not responsible for any out of pocket expenses for this pup once this pup has left our care.  We do not reimburse for any expenses veterinarian wise or for any other purpose regarding this puppy once the puppy has been delivered. There are certain times where Tatortotpup may see fit to keep the dog longer prior to delivery,  and this does not warrant a refund. Buyer has read and agreed upon our refund/cancellation terms page on our website and understands that seller does not issue cash refunds period, not for deposits, not for any expenses incurred, nor for full payment  and neither for ANY other reason imaginable. Buyer understands and agrees that this warranty must be agreed upon by both parties and it is understood that it will be the only determination of any and all damages to be awarded if sought after. This warranty only covers a replacement if all conditions stated in this document are met AND has been filled out our Claim Report (may request a copy) in its entirety and completed all steps in order to be considered for a replacement (waitlist applies), however, never ANY cash refunds are given for any reason and buyer agrees and understands this explicitly before purchasing this puppy. Buyer also agrees to isolate this pet for 2 weeks, upon arrival, from other pets in the household and not to take the puppy out of the home (exception:emergencies only) during this period as it will be resting and acclimating to the new environment. Any court appearance or filing must be filed at our county of business within our State.
I have read, understand and agree to the terms of this contract and warranty in its entirety before signing my name and will not litigate or publicly complain in any public forum otherwise regarding these, mutually agreed upon terms in this contract.
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_____________  Buyer must initial this box understanding that registration PAPERS ARE NOT being offered with the sale of our puppies and buyer understands that seller is selling this dog as a pet only.
_____________ Buyer must initial agreeing to spay or neuter this puppy by age 1 and understands that the seller do not sell breeding rights.

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