Purchase Process

Purchase Process for Buying White Pomeranian Puppies or Babydoll Maltese Puppies

NOTE OF CAUTION:  We are not a pet store,  nor do we allow home visitation as to protect our own safety and our families safety.  We meet our clients at a public safe place with our pups AFTER a deposit has been made.  We have no problem face timing our pups that we breed ourself or taking videos or pics, but we MUST have a deposit down with contract signed to show "in person" any pup we have - DO NOT ASK this of us as the answer is no as to avoid alterior motived individuals who are currently attacking any and all breeders as we must protect our family and our business from the insanity.

Also Please note,  Changes of heart after a deposit has been made to reserve a baby translates into a full loss of the deposit that has been made.  We do not deal well with changes of hearts on babies as they had a home, were taken off the market from other potential homes for a buyer to bail and abandon them.  Do NOT ask for a refund of a deposit if you change your mind.  Please be sure before you commit to a baby!  It's so wrong for that baby to have a family bail on them after they committed!  If there is a problem with your baby we reserve the right to keep the baby longer if need be and cancelations are not allowed or honored,  ANY and all monies paid to Tatortot Pup is non-refundable

VERY IMPERATIVE:  please understand that Tatortot Pup DOES NOT REFUND ANY MONEY PAID FOR ANY REASON, change of hearts,  any reason.  Normal policy if a pup is changed because of any reason,  the deposit will be lost. 

Our homebred pups:

Florida Resident = MUST ADD 7% SALES TAX - NO exceptions!!!! If you have a Florida Address, then you are subject to 7% sales tax NOT ADDED ON OUR PRICING ON THE WEBSITE!

First you will need to sign and date our contract on our website and return it to us via scan and email.  If you are looking for registration papers on our homebred pups,  we offer CKC (Continental Kennel Club) papers with 3 generation minimum pedigree input behind the dog.  This feature is NOT included in our advertised pricing.  This must be agreed upon at contract (afterwards, we do not alter in any way or offer papers after the fact of the sale) and the price is an additional $500 for this feature.  Otherwise,  buyer must initial the box at the bottom of our contract understanding that they will not get papers on this pup.

Second you will need to go to a Bank of America Branch and make a direct deposit into our account the entire deposit amount and the delivery cost agreed upon. We also accept Zelle Transfer now for your convenience.  If you are local wanting to pick up your baby in person,  we no longer show our babies without financial committment of some substantial sort down because we have been harassed by individuals not looking to purchase a puppy but had ulterior motives at hand and just wanted to waste our time.  If your seriously looking to purchase from us,  you should have NO problem signing a contract and putting a deposit down.  Also ALL FLORIDA RESIDENTS MUST INCLUDE A 7% SALES tax on deposit and/or remaining payment.  If a deposit down for our wait list has been made,  ($1500 for males, $2000 for females initial deposit) we will send bi weekly videos up to date until the puppy is 6 weeks of age,  at that time 50% down  must be received at this point non refundable will be required to reserve a puppy. If this is not possible, arrangements must be made in advance at this time if money is an issue,  otherwise, client will have one week to make remaining 50% down deposit before the sale is canceled, pup goes back on the market for sale and the deposit retained.  Puppies go to their home between 8-12 weeks of age.  The 50% remaining amount must be in the form of CASH only if paid in person.  If you do not plan on picking up your puppy in person, full payment must be made before a puppy leaves our care.  There are no exceptions to this rule

NOTE OF CAUTION....All puppies that we breed here MUST be picked up by the 12 week birthday. (providing not a micro tiny and not ready - then we will give you the required date of pick up by)  If not able to pick up by this date,  please work with us on a scheduled pick up date.  We charge a boarding fee of $30 per day per puppy starting the day after the 12 week birthday until picked up.

We only accept paypal with a 10% finance fee added to the total price of the dog with any included fees or delivery. (so if you choose paypal and your puppy is $3000 and delivery is $500 your total cost if using paypal would be $3500 +$350 paypal finance fee = $3850)  If you choose the cash option the total would be $3500.

Work with us on a agreed upon delivery method.  We have several options available.


Additional items regarding the sale of all of our pups:

UPDATED PICTURES AND VIDEOS;  We do bi-weekly (every other week) pictures when the puppies open their little eyes.  We understand that you may have the urge to request pics more than bi-weekly,  however, please understand that pictures and baths are very hard and stressful on nursing puppies and are very time consuming. It is also stressful for a pup to be put on a blanket under a backdrop with lights, and camera and not with mommy and littermates,  sometimes the pups do not perform under these circumstances especially when young and sometimes they are away from their moms too long in order to get a fun picture or video that may please their owner,  therefore, please be sensitive to this and understand we are doing what is best for the babies interest.  Please don't ask for additional photos outside our normal photo shoot times planned as the answer will be no.   

No puppy will be considered reserved unless funds have cleared our bank. If they are still processing, the reservation will have a 3 day courtesy hold.

 Let me remind you that we do reserve the right to not sell a baby to anyone we feel is not right for a particular puppy for any reason without question. As that is our sole right at our discretion. We do reserve the right to cancel the sale prior to delivery if we feel that the individual can not provide the best of care for our babies, if this occurs all monies collected will be refunded in full.

 Before delivery of your baby, all of our clients are "required" to read over our care page on this website and provide notice of same to ensure proper care is learned for each and every puppy that we sell.  

 Please understand that "if" delivery is NOT included in the price of your baby, the delivery fee to USA is $500-$600 and it is offered by a third party nanny delivery service.   You would pay them directly for their service and this would be between you and the nanny,  We just refer their service and meet them at the airport.  For Personal Hand Delivery by us, we charge the sum price for one round trip flight ticket, airline fee charged for in cabin pet (usually around $130) plus $150 vet fee for flight health certificate plus $600 personal delivery fee by us to Eastern USA cities or additional $800 delivery for USA Western cities, (this option is only available for Saturday Deliveries only by us, with a 14 day delivery advanced notice). With our personal hand delivery service,  the safety of your pet during travel is insured by us personally.  All deposit monies, must follow protocol above as we do not collect cash in person for safety reasons. From the time final payment is cleared and required documents signed and returned,  there is an approximate 2 week turn around time before you have your baby in your arms.  However, timing with any live animal is always subject to change.   Other international cities usually around $2500 for nanny deliveries.

NOTES:  We do not sell to individuals that over vaccinate their dogs!!!!!!  Especially the Rabies Vaccine.  A titre can be done after the first year and ONLY vaccinate until the titre is fulfilled then STOP!  It causes MULTIPLE PROBLEMS in Maltese, Yorkie and other Tiny dogs.  Don't be negligent!  Please understand if you vaccinate your tiny Maltese or Yorkie year after year with this DEADLY to Maltese vaccine, you can be assured 9 times out of 10 your dog will have major issues and almost ALWAYS have a shortened lifespan!  If your tiny Maltese or Yorkie has lived a long life with continued rabies vaccinations year after year,  congratulations,  you have defied the odds!  DO NOT listen to veterinarian negligence.  Unfortunately it is the norm in veterinarian practice and very hard to find the more SPECIALIZED in tinies hands on knowledge,  NOT a typical vet!  Please don't be ignorant! THEY KILL YOUR DOGS PEOPLE AND TRY TO LAY THE BLAME ON OTHER REASONS!  We can almost guarantee problems on any tiny dog that has been brought to a regular vet that was continuously vaccinated (more than 3 years with more than 1/2 dose of a vaccine) will have a death sentence given to them if not life long issues especially if given in full dose amount . Your guess is as good as mine when they will start having life threatening, irreversible issues!


NOTE OF CAUTION:  We are not a pet store,  nor do we allow home visitation as to protect our own safety and our families safety.  We meet our clients at a public safe place with our pups AFTER a deposit has been made however,  we have NO problem face timing our pups that we breed ourself or taking videos or pics prior to deposit made, but we MUST have a deposit down with contract signed to "show in person" any pup for sale that we have. Please do not ask different of us as the answer is no!  We must protect our business and our family from the absolute unfounded and insane movement against any and all breeders! Sad we live in a world with such terrible attacking individuals!

We do not sell to those who support PETA.   If these special interest groups have their way,  that will be the end of responsible breeding as we know it. Do your research before supporting so called animal rights organizations.  If they are against responsible breeding,  then they are against the furthering of the special one of a kind babies that so many of us LOVE!  They also fail to help animals in need nearly as much as they say they do.  Don't fall victim to these questionable ideals that are not good for the betterment of the breeds!  Do your research!  It is ok to support those who truly help animals in need,  but not to the expense of the betterment of responsible breeding.  There must be a balance!


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