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Cell Phone Contact Phone and Text Number 941-374-6440 

Please email us to get a faster response as we are very busy with our family and our babies! Tatortotpup@aol.com

*The Exceptional, One of a Kind, Exquisite Look of Tatortot Babydoll Yorkies and Maltese*

We are not a cheap seller of dogs because we breed ONLY exceptional babyface, extreme babydolls.  We have EXTREMELY strict qualifications in type before we accept a dog in our breeding program!  If your NOT looking for that one of a kind EXTREME babyface that you can not find anywhere else in the world,  WE ARE NOT THE BREEDER FOR YOU!  Look elsewhere please as we do not breed CHEAP average run of the puppy mill dogs!



We are now accepting deposit waitlist for Maltese Females, Males and Yorkie Males.  Waitlist is usually around 6 months to a Year Depending. (Quality is worth waiting for!!!!)

We are VERY PROUD to announce...that we made the Florida Top Maltese Breeders on 2 separate lists !  Click this link to read more~~~~!!!!


2. https://www.shelterapet.com/breeders/best-5-reviewed-maltese-breeders-in-florida-2021-maltese-puppies-for-sale-in-fl/  Note: This particular website doesn't have our current phone number on it.

 We breed the most gorgeous Babydoll Faced Maltese and Yorkie Puppies (In Partnership with my sister as she will house 4 of the girls and love on them!).We Pride ourselves on babies that do not have stained faces. They are socialized with loving personalities and wonderful health records! 

 100% Korean Lineage Babydoll Faced Maltese and Korean and European Lined Yorkie Puppies bred right here in the USA under a educated,  experienced with over 15 years breeding experience hobby breeder!

NOTE OF CAUTION:  We are not a pet store,  nor do we allow home visitation as to protect our own safety and our families safety.  We meet our clients at a public safe place with our pups

Our Motto is QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! We are a Hobby breeder - We have gorgeous, Sound, Babydoll faced, Healthy, Non Rust Stained Faces, breeders.  We are not a store,  nor do we have puppies available at any given time!  We are A HOBBY breeder with occasional puppies only!

Delivery Options available!

 Our proven Health Records, World Class Quality and positive testimonials are second to none!

Tatortotpup offers world class  Korean quality Maltese and  Korean and European Yorkie babydoll puppies bred here in the USA 

Quality does come with a price!  

Sales Tax is 7% for Residents of Florida - not included in the price of the pet

Note: Our pups are sold to pet owners ONLY - We typically register our babies with CKC with 3 generation pedigree behind. We charge $500 for CKC registration with pedigree behind.  

We do not AKC register any of our dogs.  We do this to avoid breeders trying to breed our dogs.  CKC is available for additional charge as noted above 

Please do not contact us if you want a cheap dog,  we don't have any cheap dogs.  





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Exquisite World Class Maltese and Yorkie Puppies