Extreme Babydoll Tiny Teacup Princess Hello Kitty!

Extreme Babydoll Tiny Teacup Princess Hello Kitty!
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Introducing Princess Hello Kitty!  She is an exceptional VERY Extreme faced babydoll!  She has a short cobbie body with an amazing expression.  Her wide set bubbly expressive eyes are to die for!  She has an amazing thick coat factor.  Her personality is one that is described as feisty and sure of herself! Small but in charge is her motto!  LOL. We are expecting this tiny baby girl to be 3 pounds fully grown.  This girl must be seen by a vet well versed in tinies only please.  One that will give less than an entire dose of a vaccine at any time and be very careful with the rabies vaccines as this girl is just too tiny to accept any other care!  Email us now at tatortotpup@aol.com or you can text us at 941-374-6440 for faster replies. 


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