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Florence Arcilla Tuesday December 2, 2014

I just wanted to thank you for all your help!! Duke (Prince Peter Pan) and Lexie (Princess Zahara) are doing great!! I am so happy they have each other and we are so proud to welcome them into our family. They bring us so much joy and laughs. Teacups get a bad rep but when they come from you, they are so healthy and lively. I am so happy I found you and thank you for all your help!! You're always within reach and you're willing to be there for any questions. We will keep in touch!!
From: Newark, New Jerday
Stephanie W. Sunday November 2, 2014
I just got my puppy from Karen and she's perfect in every way. She's beautiful, with the sweetest personality, very tiny and 100% healthy. It was a great experience working with Karen. She's helpful, answers all questions, gives tons of advice on how to take care of her tiny puppies and very friendly. It's obvious to see how much she loves her puppies and how well she takes care of them. Karen definitely has the best puppies :)
From: Miramar, Florida
Sabine M. Sunday November 2, 2014
I came to know karen several Years go after a long and exhausting search for a perfect tiny yorkie girl. When I first started searching I realized that there are a lot of unscrupulous breeders/brokers out there. If you are thinking about buying a puppy on the internet you hbe to do your homework. Don't trust the images you see, most of these puppies have been photo shopped. Google the business name and see what comes up. There are some heartbreaking stories out there courtesy of some of these sellers. I know karen was the only person I would trust to get a yorkie. I waited until the time was right and called Karen to let her know I was ready. She had a perfect baby girl in my arms witin 2 months. She always answered my questions and kept me reassured throughout the process. SHe even put me in touch with her vet when my little Daisy wasnt feeling well. Daisy had a complete check-up and my vet was so impressed by her structure and overall health considering how tiny she is. But I didnt expect anything less from Karen because she has suck high standards. My Daisy is the love of out lives.She is so beautiful and EXACTLY what I wanted in a yorkie. Karen even made sure her personality was what I wanted. I needed a little energetic god and did I ever get that. She is just a clown and always running around having fun. Anyone out there who is looking for a tiny dog that is happy, heathly, loved and well adjusted, I would say stop looking and let Karen. Thank you Karen for all you do, you make so many people happy by being honest and caring.
From: Denver,Colorado
Rose Monday July 1, 2013
Just wanted to let you know that she is doing very well. She seems very happy, hasn't had an ounce of trouble eating, etc., is extremely playful & lovable, and just loves her brothers! She's really an absolute doll. You should see her new wardrobe. 966666666666666666666666666666 That was her typing!!+56'=--------------- And that too.
From: Philadelphia, PA
Robin C Sunday June 2, 2013
Dear Karen,
Here is my reference:

I am writing this reference in regards to Karen and her puppies. First of all I purchased a healthy white t-cup pom! Karen is true to her word and she takes very good care of all her puppies. We sat and talked about the care of these precious little babies. She even had her vet talk with my vet on how to care for these puppies properly. My little pup is healthy and happy and full of energy like any other puppy! She is adorable and came to me healthy, my entire family loves her and she settled in nicely with my other small dogs! The fact is, she bosses them around. Its quite comical to see a little white ball of fur with huge black eyes and a little button nose chasing them around the house! If you want to buy a dog that is t-cup size, I would whole heartedly recommend Karen and her puppies! She answers all questions and she really understands how to take care of these little puppies! I am so glad I found this website because I'm truly happy with my little puppy! I WOULD DEFINITELY BUY ANOTHER PUPPY FROM KAREN!!!
From: Menomonie WI
Raquel A. Saturday June 1, 2013
I would like anyone who wants this kind of super tiny micro beautiful babies, to know that you are the right person! I got much more than what I expected, she's amazing!! I couldn't believe it when I saw her!! My fiance and I are completely in love with our beatiful and gorgeous baby! Miura (Arabella) has brought a lot of happiness in our lives. You have always been so kind and patient answering every single question as well as your honesty was the key factor for me to trust you and take the important decision buying a baby with you! I have 2 years of searching about this tiny puppies and I was very disappointment of all the people who lies you about the months of the baby, the expect weight and they always show you photos that arent the real baby! also I received a very rud treat!! So, I'm soooo happy and so lucky to find Karen! People your in the best hands and with the right person!! I will recommend you to every person who asks me where in the world I got such a beautiful baby! Thank you very much Karen! You have the most beautiful puppies in the world!!
From: Mexico
Maki Browning Thursday May 16, 2013
We bought a Pomeranian that looks absolutely fabulous and is as healthy and energetic as can be.
Throughout the whole process Karen was very helpful whether advising us about travel, diet, health check-ups and even just cuddling.
It's obvious that" Whitney",our newest family addition, was wonderfully taken care of before we received her.
We are so grateful for all the great work Karen has done for us!
Thank you.
From: Ridgefield, CT
Justin Spiro Thursday May 2, 2013
Karen was an absolute delight to work with in our search for the perfect pet. My wife and I could not be any happier with our new pomeranian. Our puppy came to us very well socialized and in excellent health. We are so grateful for this wonderful addition to our home and would highly recommend Tator Tot Pups to anyone who asks!
From: Chicago, Illinios
Landsberg family Thursday May 2, 2013
Thanks giving is the right time to thank you for your wonderful work with us. We are very happy with our puppy who is now an important part of our family thanks to you.
It took me over 6 months to find someone like you that I can trust and learn from. Un like other breeders you have the patience to listen to what I want. Explaining all in details,following up before the puppy arrived ,how to prepare and how to save our money as well.
Thanks for sending me the real photos of the puppy and not photoshops and being honest with me.
You are still following up and giving me great advises how to take care of her.
It is great to know that there is someone that I can trust and ask questioners when I need.
Thank you so much for all of that.
Warm regards
From: N.J
Judi F Tuesday April 16, 2013
Hi Karen, just wanted to let you know that Miss Margaret (AKA Channel) is doing very well. She is quite the little plaything. We just love her so much. Thanks again. Have a nice weekend! It is sooo cold here!
From: North Carolina
Joyce L Monday April 15, 2013
You are the BEST Karen. Is there somewhere I can leave you comments. You stick buy your customers, just like I do. I really thank you so much.

Mostly, thank you for my baby. I needed her.
From: New York
Eliane Lawrence Friday April 12, 2013
My Tinkerbell just arrived in New Hampshire
I just love my beautiful 3 month yorkshire terrier...she is so well adjusted and so friendly. TatorTotPup sent me photos of her from birth till the time she was sent to me..and kept me well informed on how she was doing and how to care for her upon her arrival. I am very very pleased and have plans to buy another one of her pups...they are top of the line and I would recommend TatorTotPup to anyone who is interested in buying one of these tiny little dogs.​
From: Derry, New Hampshire

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