Pricing Structure

Quality does come with a price!  

Pricing: Note: Our pups are sold to pet owners ONLY - Breeders will need to tack on $2000+ to our pricing structure.  We only register our babies with CKC with 3 generation pedigree behind. Our Pricing structure below includes spay/nueter agreement.  Florida residents must add 7% tax on the price, no exceptions.

 Our Bred Maltese Pricing is as follows:
Female Maltese Standard Size : $4000-$6000
Teacup Female Maltese $5000-$8500
Male Maltese Standard Size $2500-$4500
Teacup Male Maltese: $3500-$7500

CKC papers - $500 additional on our home bred pups

 Please be ok with our pricing sturcture BEFORE contacting us.  We do NOT have  cheaper dogs.

Exquisite World Class Maltese and Yorkie Puppies