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 Phone Number: 941-374-6440

Tatortotpup Available Babydoll Faced Korean lineage Maltese and Yorkies - The very best in the World!

Two litters (One Maltese and One Yorkie Litter each) on the Way as well due in June.

PLEASE do not contact us before you know our pricing structure!  We DO NOT have cheap dogs!

Please understand we give biweekly photos ONLY on reserved puppies (every other week) as we will not cause additional stress on our babies.

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NOTE: Once a puppy is sold then you can not change puppies - Forfeit of Deposit Paid if Changing Pups

Dogs over a year old are sold as is and no Guarantee is on them

We do not Guarantee the size of any puppy we sell

Any money paid to Tatortot Pup is


NOTE OF CAUTION:  We are not a pet store,  nor do we allow home visitation as to protect our own safety and our families safety.  We meet our clients at a public safe place with our pups AFTER a deposit has been made.  We have no problem face timing our pups that we breed ourself or taking videos or pics before a deposit has been made, but we MUST have a deposit down with contract signed to "show in person" any pup we have - DO NOT ASK this of us as the answer is no as to avoid alterior motived individuals who are currently attacking any and all breeders as we must protect our family and our business from the insanity.

Specializing in babydoll Maltese Puppies all within impeccable health proven records, loving personalities and supberb babydoll faced puppies second to none with World Class Quality!

Pricing: Note: Our pups are sold to pet owners ONLY - Breeders will need to tack on $1500+ to our pricing structure.  We only register our babies with CKC with 3 generation pedigree behind. Our Pricing structure below includes spay/nueter agreement.

 Our Bred Maltese Pricing is as follows:
Female Maltese Standard Size : $4500-$7000
Teacup Female Maltese $5500-$10,000
Male Maltese Standard Size $3500-$6000

 Rarely we will have standard males  $2800
Teacup Male Maltese: $5500-$7500         Retired breeders $2500-$3500

Pricing for Yorkies is the same structure however our tiny Yorkies go to $10,000

Sales Tax is 7% for Residents of Florida - not included in the price of the pet.

CKC papers with 4 generation pedigree behind them - $500 additional on our home bred pups with agreement to spay or neuter 

AKC Limited Registration available on some of our pups we charge an additional $1500 for. 

Please be ok with our pricing sturcture BEFORE contacting us.  We do not have cheaper dogs. 

We have our HOBBY breeding program well underway,  however if you don't see something your looking for, we can help you find your baby with our referral contract program (referral fee incurred).  We will locate your baby for a one time fee-(deposit to find is $1000 and non refundable)

Once our hobby breeding takes place,  we will accept $1000 for males $1500 for females deposit reservations for the babies when they are born,  once the baby turns 6 weeks old, we will collect 50% of the purchase price to ensure the solidity of our babies homes.  Please refer to our purchase process page for further descriptive details on payment requirements.  Remaining amount due prior to delivery or at delivery if picked up. Delivery amounts should be cleared transactions prior to scheduling the delivery if not picked up.

    Nanny in cabin delivery starts at $600 and goes up from there. White Glove Delivery Service by us personally is available for US and Canada Cities only - pricing is on the higher end of the delivery price scale, and this option if chosen as a set given price is NON negotiable - this option also requires a 14 day advance notice.

Contact phone number for upcoming Hobby breedings 941-374-6440 


Exquisite World Class Maltese and Yorkie Puppies