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Landline Phone Number 941-374-6440

 We are VERY PROUD to announce...that we made the Florida Top Maltese Breeders List!  Click this link to read more~~~~!!!! https://welovedoodles.com/sfloridamaltesebreeders

 We are now accepting deposits for our up and coming litters.  We have confirmed pregnancies..

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 Contact  tatortotpup@aol.com for inquiries, or call 941-374-6440 talk or text messages only 941-374-1502

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We breed the most gorgeous Babydoll Faced Maltese and Yorkie Puppies (In Partnership with my sister as she will house 4 of the girls and love on them!) in the World! We pride ourselves on babies that do not have stained faces. They are socialized with loving personalities and perfect health records!  We challenge you to find a better Maltese or Yorkie Anywhere!  That is why we are second to None when it comes to the Perfect Yorkie and Maltese! 

 100% Korean Lineage Babydoll Faced Maltese and Yorkie Puppies bred right here in the USA under a educated,  experienced with over 15 years breeding experience hobby breeder!

We do not sell to individuals that over vaccinate their dogs!!!!!!  Especially the Rabies Vaccine.  A titre can be done after the first year and ONLY vaccinate until the titre is fulfilled then STOP!  It causes MULTIPLE PROBLEMS in Maltese, Yorkie and other Tiny dogs.  Don't be negligent!  Please understand if you vaccinate your tiny Maltese or Yorkie year after year with this DEADLY to Maltese vaccine, you can be assured 9 times out of 10 your dog will have major issues and almost ALWAYS have a shortened lifespan!  If your tiny Maltese or Yorkie has lived a long life with continued rabies vaccinations year after year,  congratulations,  you have defied the odds!  DO NOT listen to veterinarian negligence.  Unfortunately it is the norm in veterinarian practice and very hard to find the more SPECIALIZED in tinies hands on knowledge,  NOT a typical vet!  Please don't be ignorant! THEY KILL YOUR DOGS PEOPLE AND TRY TO LAY THE BLAME ON OTHER REASONS!  We can almost guarantee problems on any tiny dog that has been brought to a regular vet that was continuously vaccinated (more than 3 years with more than 1/2 dose of a vaccine) will have a death sentence given to them if not life long issues especially if given in full dose amount . Your guess is as good as mine when they will start having life threatening, irreversible issues!


NOTE OF CAUTION:  We are not a pet store,  nor do we allow home visitation as to protect our own safety and our families safety.  We meet our clients at a public safe place with our pups AFTER a deposit has been made however,  we have NO problem face timing our pups that we breed ourself or taking videos or pics prior to deposit made, but we MUST have a deposit down with contract signed to "show in person" any pup for sale that we have. Please do not ask different of us as the answer is no!  We must protect our business and our family from the absolute unfounded and insane movement against any and all breeders! Sad we live in a world with such terrible attacking individuals!

Our Motto is QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! We are a Hobby breeder - We have gorgeous, Sound, Babydoll faced, Healthy, Non Rust Stained Faces, breeders.  We are not a store,  nor do we have puppies available at any given time!  We are A HOBBY breeder with occasional puppies only!

Delivery Options available!

 Accompanied in cabin white glove delivery by us, worldwide is available. Our proven Health Records, World Class Quality and positive testimonials are second to none!

Tatortotpup offers world class  Korean quality Maltese and Yorkie puppies bred here in the USA. If we do not have from our own breedings, we can help you find from our World Class Breeder friends as we do work for our clients on a fee referral based program as well!  We do suggest getting on our hobby breedings wait list with deposit reservation down!

We do not sell to those who support PETA.   If these special interest groups have their way,  that will be the end of responsible breeding as we know it. Do your research before supporting so called animal rights organizations.  If they are against responsible breeding,  then they are against the furthering of the special one of a kind babies that so many of us LOVE!  They also fail to help animals in need nearly as much as they say they do.  Don't fall victim to these questionable ideals that are not good for the betterment of the breeds!  Do your research!  It is ok to support those who truly help animals in need,  but not to the expense of the betterment of responsible breeding.  There must be a balance!




Quality does come with a price!  

Pricing: Note: Our pups are sold to pet owners ONLY - Breeders will need to tack on $1500+ to our pricing structure.  We only register our babies with CKC with 3 generation pedigree behind. Our Pricing structure below includes spay/nueter agreement.

 Our Bred Maltese Pricing is as follows:
Female Maltese Standard Size : $4500-$6000
Teacup Female Maltese $5500-$8500
Male Maltese Standard Size $3500-$4500.  Rarely we will have standard males  $2800
Teacup Male Maltese: $4500-$7500         Retired breeders $2000 +

Pricing for Yorkies is the same structure

Sales Tax is 7% for Residents of Florida - not included in the price of the pet.

CKC papers - $500 additional on our home bred pups with agreement to spay or neuter  

Please be ok with our pricing sturcture BEFORE contacting us.  We do NOT have  cheaper dogs.



Examples of our Past Puppies -See our available page  for our current Available Babies!<3

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